• PGD Laser Files: Updates and Instructions

    2022 "refresh" layouts are complete

    5.4 laser files
    If you need the 5.2 laser files (for 5.2 or 5.3), please call 855-218-5260

    It's important to update your files regularly. This will ensure that you always have files ready for any newly introduced product, and will also make sure that any updates or corrections to old files are applied to your system. We recommend updating your files at least once a month.

    The update steps below have changed slightly. Please read these steps before continuing.

    Here's how to update your laser files: (directions with photos, for printout)

    Step 1: Click the link and save the .zip file to your Desktop. You can also right-click and choose "Save links as..." or "Save target as..."

    Step 2: Double click the .zip file, and inside you will see many individual files. Press Ctrl-A to select all the files. Press Ctrl-C (copy).

    Step 3: Double-click the "PGD Laser Files" folder that's on your desktop. Press Ctrl-V (paste). Wait for a dialog to pop up.

    Step 4: For Windows Vista/7/8 - Click the checkbox in the lower left to apply the same action to all the items. Then click the first option, "copy and replace."
    For Windows 10 - Click the first option, "Replace the files in the destination"
    Wait for the files to copy.

    Step 5: Right-click the PGD Laser Files folder, and click "Properties." You will see a box titled "Read-Only." Click the box until there is a black check-mark inside. (Make sure it is not a grey check-mark or a filled-in block.) Click "Apply" and if prompted, select "Apply changes to Folders, Subfolders, and Files." Click "OK," and you're done!

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