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Thread: Photo Images in ZMFS30-33

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    Photo Images in ZMFS30-33

    Wondering if it would be possible to get jpg images of the photos that are used in the small metal frames (zmfs30-33)? We think these are some of the best photos and would like to be able to print them out in other sizes and use them in some of the other frames that P Graham Dunn offers. The black and white older looking images that are in most of them currently are not working to help sell the items and these pictures would give us more flexibility in marketing the various frames that are available.

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    Does no response mean no? :)

    This was intended as a request for P Graham Dunn (Franklin). Any chance that it would be possible to get these?

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    Sorry for the delay - busy week along with cold season has been slowing me down a bit...
    I'm working on this though, I believe I will be able to get those for you shortly.


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    Here are the photos you requested:
    MFS photo


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    Thanks Franklin! These are great. Hope you are feeling better.

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