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August 2013 Laser Dealer Newsletter

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Rounding the Corner

Hopefully you and your staff have returned from the summer shows excited and enthused about the remainder of the year. It won't be long until we'll be facing increased traffic, looking to hire holiday help, and lasers will be buzzing with activity throughout the day, and hopefully on into the evenings.
Families are getting back into routines as children head back to school - with homework, sports, and church activities comes structure and organization. Take this opportunity to capture back to school shoppers by promoting impulse items like pens, water bottles, notebooks, and key chains. These items are small, inexpensive and an easy way to get your customers interested and excited about personalization!

Back to School Poster
Back to School Scan Sheet

Featured Product

Just in time for back to school and Fall sports are these new items - Jersey Magnets and Car Charms. Coming in multiple colors, this is an easy-to-engrave, inexpensive item that is great to utilize for fundraisers and team gifts. Shipping now!

Jersey Magnets
ZPMD42 - ZPMD57 $1.50/apiece

Jersey Car Charms
ZCAR0031 - ZCAR0046 $1.50/apiece

Keep Track

Please make sure that both you and your employees are keeping an eye on the Yellow USB Key that is essential to running the GravoStyle software.
This key cost upwards of $1000 from our software supplier. While we wish we had extras lying around, we unfortunately do not. Stores that lose this item will be financially responsible for replacement.

New Maintenance Product

We've been trying to find a better way to apply (and supply) the white lithium grease that is required for the X and Y axis of the laser machine. After testing a number of different options, and unsuccessfully looking for a supplier that could do exactly what we needed; we decided to make our own product and pass the savings on to you!
We are now offering item ZSPL24, a small syringe prefilled with a high quality white lithium grease. The best part of this syringe is the slightly curved tip, which makes greasing the bottom side of the X-axis much easier.
Your cost is only $5.00 for this item, and the quantity of grease included should last you for many years of laser operation.

Take Note

As a reminder, when laser engraving any of our lithograph pieces, please do not forget to use the Lithograph Jig (ZZALP). Due to a slight change in our board mounted prints that was made a while back, this jig is needed to align the lithographs correctly within the laser machine.

Price: $5.00

As a participant in the P. Graham Dunn Laser Engravings Program it is important to stay above the monthly minimum order of $600/mo. The $100 and $200 penalty fees are a negative reflection of a store's performance. Stores that receive multiple fees will be evaluated and are subject to program termination.

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