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May 2013 Laser Dealer Newsletter

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Come and See Us!
It's hard to believe that the summer trade show season is already upon us. We're excited to see all of you again and looking forward to showcasing our new product.
This summer we'll be featuring our new laser program displays, fixtures, jig trays, product and more at both the Dallas and Atlanta shows. And in St. Louis at ICRS we'll have two special events in addition to our booth presence for all of our laser program participants and interested dealers. See our locations and addition details below:

Dallas Market Center - Next Generation - Showroom 1028

Americasmart, Atlanta - Building 2, Floor 13 - Showroom 1330a & 1361b

ICRS - St. Louis, MO - Booth 1127

Laser Program Update - America's Center, Room 261 - Tuesday, 6/25 @ 8:00am
This meeting will serve as an update to the progress being made with the program, covering topics ranging from the new touchscreen software, updated fixtures, and marketing/merchandising materials.

Laser Engravings Pro - America's Center, Room 261 - Tuesday, 6/25 @ 12:00pm
Already a participant in our laser program and looking to grow your business through improved customer service, product presentation, training practices, and marketing? Join us for a FREE, live session of Laser Engravings Pro and learn more about this monthly laser enhancement program.

Fathers's Day Poster
Father's Day Scan Sheet
Wedding Poster
Wedding Scan Sheet

New Maintenance Product
We've been trying to find a better way to apply (and supply) the white lithium grease that is required for the X and Y axis of the laser machine. After testing a number of different options, and unsuccessfully looking for a supplier that could do exactly what we needed; we decided to make our own product and pass the savings on to you!
We are now offering item ZSPL24, a small syringe prefilled with a high quality white lithium grease. The best part of this syringe is the slightly curved tip, which makes greasing the bottom side of the X-axis much easier.
Your cost is only $5.00 for this item, and the quantity of grease included should last you for many years of laser operation.

Take Note
As a reminder, when laser engraving any of our lithograph pieces, please do not forget to use the Lithograph Jig (ZZALP). Due to a slight change in our board mounted prints that was made a while back, this jig is needed to align the lithographs correctly within the laser machine.

Price: $5.00

What Are You Waiting For?
If you have not taken advantage of ordering our new display cabinets and fixtures, what are you waiting for?

At an excellent price, purchase these new fixtures, to not only make your laser area POP, but help customers to identify your engravable product and differentiate this area from the rest of your store. To the right and below are images of a few stores who have recently added these new fixtures.

CLICK HERE for an entire menu featuring the new items, their sizes, and costs.

Tired of paying an additional employee just to keep your jigs straight? Let these new Jig Holders lighten your load. Able to hold over 90% of the laser jigs, these three trays are a solution to the never-ending question, "What did I do with that jig?"
Each tray comes with numbered rows to allow for easy cross-referencing. Simply organize the jigs in the tray and make notes alongside the corresponding product in the catalog. Future catalog releases will come bearing this information, but we couldn't wait until then to get these in your hands!

CLICK HERE for a complete menu of all our available personalization fixtures.

As a participant in the P. Graham Dunn Laser Engravings Program it is important to stay above the monthly minimum order of $600/mo. The $100 and $200 penalty fees are a negative reflection of a store's performance. Stores that receive multiple fees will be evaluated and are subject to program termination.

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