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April 2013 Laser Dealer Newsletter

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Families, Crafts, & Fun
Spring is here and full of activity. Families are heading outside and looking for any and every excuse to do so. Ensure that your store is one of their destinations. Consider planning a fun children's event at your location, include snacks, music, or an outdoor-oriented craft like constructing homemade butterfly nets, decorating and flying kites, or making beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Holding an activity like this at your store gives families another reason to walk through your doors. Bring them in for something fun, then expose them to the number of seasonally relevant gifts your store carries. This is a way to encourage visits from new customers who may not typically enter your doors. Here at our location, we just held a community egg hunt with over 1,500 children in attendance. This was an excellent opportunity for us to give back, but also expose potential new customers to our products.

Place orders now and be prepared to sell for both Mother's Day, May 12th and Graduation season. Click the following links for posters and scan sheets that encourage sale opportunities and make customers aware of what's available for personalization - right on the spot!

Mother's Day Poster
Mother's Day Scan Sheet
Graduation Poster
Graduation Scan Sheet

What Do You Think?
Here are two items that are currently under consideration to be added to the P. Graham Dunn Laser Engravings line.

The first item we are sampling is an over-sized pencil that works as a back-to-school, student or teacher gift. This is a rounded pencil that measures a little over a foot in length. If brought in, this item would be priced between $3.00 and $4.00 wholesale.

Another item we've been contemplating is some sort of iPhone case. There is a market for these items, and we feel strongly that adding personalization would increase the value. This case would come in multiple colors and in a slightly different format. We would more than likely begin with an iPhone 5 model size at a cost of $3.00 to $5.00.

So, let us know what you think! Would you buy? Reply to Anthony Burdette with feedback and suggestions.

Take Note
For the NEW Notebooks, please be sure to place the strap on the edge vs. underneath while engraving. This will ensure that your engraving remains as consistent as possible and avoid a depth differential which could cause a change in appearance.

Puzzle Pieces
SKUs: ZAMH10-13
Price: $4.00
If you have not ordered any of our puzzle pieces yet, we would encourage you to give them a try!
As an FYI, the ZPUF0004 and ZPUF0027 are noted as tan in the catalog, but due to a change in production, are now being shipped as a light green color.

Tired of paying an additional employee just to keep your jigs straight? Let these new Jig Holders lighten your load. Able to hold over 90% of the laser jigs, these three trays are a solution to the never-ending question, "What did I do with that jig?"
Each tray comes with numbered rows to allow for easy cross-referencing. Simply organize the jigs in the tray and make notes alongside the corresponding product in the catalog. Future catalog releases will come bearing this information, but we couldn't wait until then to get these in your hands!

CLICK HERE for a complete menu of all our available personalization fixtures.

Dealer Conference
P. Graham Dunn's 13th Annual Dealer Conference | March 19th and 20th
Thanks again to all of you who were able to attend this year's Dealer Conference. It was a blessing having you spend a few days with us. We hope that each of you walked away learning something new, reconnecting with friends, and of course with some new product in hand!

For those of you that were unable to attend the event, below is a link to our Dealer Conference webpage which features audio recordings of each of the seminars and roundtable discussions. A number of the seminars were directly targeted towards our laser dealers, including:
  • Laser Love: Keeping up with day-to-day machine maintenance
  • Laser College: A fast-track course on advanced laser techniques
  • Laser Engravings Pro LIVE: A glimpse at how to get the most out of your laser, featuring guest host Mark Hutchinson
  • Ready, Aim, Fire! Pulling the trigger on Marketing

To see a full listing of the audio recordings and to listen, please CLICK HERE

Please notice that we have made a change to a few of our laser product SKUs. As of January 2013 all laser SKUs will now contain a Z at the beginning. Previously, there were a handful of items that were featured in both our laser line and regular line that maintained the exact same SKU. Feedback we received was that many stores were having difficulty differentiating the two products in their POS system, so we have made the change. It is still the same product and the same price, but placing the Z in front will assure that your purchase is counted towards your monthly laser commitment.

As a participant in the P. Graham Dunn Laser Engravings Program it is important to stay above the monthly minimum order of $600/mo. The $100 and $200 penalty fees are a negative reflection of a store's performance. Stores that receive multiple fees will be evaluated and are subject to program termination.

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