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    by Published on 04-21-2017 04:22 PM
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    With the addition of 78 new and revised files, all layouts for Spring 2017 product are complete. The new files include:

    ZALC[42,45,46]; ZBAN0012A; ZBIA02; ZBMK0031[A-D]; ZBOB[0069-0072][A-D]; ZBOB0073A; ZORN[0129,0131-0134][A-B]; ZPHF0142[A-B]; ZPNL[0622-0024,0026-0028][A-B]; ZPNL0625A; ZTKS0027[A-D]; ZVFR[0060-0062][A-B]; ZWPB0014[A-B]; ZWSS[0242,0244][A-C]; ZWSS0243[A-D]; ZWSS0245[A-E]

    This covers Fall Workbook pages B1-B31.
    Perform a regular file update to get these files.
    by Published on 03-22-2017 08:30 AM
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    If you've experienced a problem with GravoTouch crashing on your computer after a few minutes of being open, please try the following to disable the screen saver.

    • Open the GravoTouch program like normal
    • On the “SCAN OR KEY IN PRODUCT” screen type config into the search bar and tap SEARCH
    • Look for Enable/Disable Screen Saver and tap the silver slider button so that the silver button is towards the left; this disables the screen saver
    • Tap the restart software button at the bottom as that setting requires a software restart to take effect

    Microsoft released an update that causes the program to crash when trying to run the screen saver video. You will have to keep the screen saver disabled until Microsoft releases another corrected update to resolve the issue.
    by Published on 12-02-2016 10:58 AM

    With the addition of 73 brand new and revised files, all layouts in the Fall 2016 Workbook are complete. The new files include:

    ZHZO82[B-C]; ZHZO30[B-C]; ZHZO[36,40]; ZCRY40; ZCRY40[D-F]; ZCRY01[B-E]; ZCYC10[B-D]; ZCCH01; ZCCH01[B-D]; ZABH01[B-C]; ZBPM; ZBPM0001[B-E]; ZBPL; ZBPL0001[B-E]; ZERP[C-E]; ZMPH01G; ZFFA[E,F,H,I]; ZMCA01B; ZMCA30[B-D]; ZMTL02; ZMTL02[B-C]; ZKNF96B; ZSCB05A; ZLKC50B; ZBMK0002[B-C]; ZLKC08B; ZAKC03[B-C]; ZADT31; ZADT50B; ZADT01[B-C]; ZORN0001[E-H]; ZCFW01B; ZCFW06; ZCFW10; ZCTO01; ZCTO01B; ZCTO20; ZCTO20B; ZCTO30; ZCTO30B

    Perform a regular file update to get these files.
    by Published on 11-14-2016 09:13 AM

    91 files are newly added or revised. The files include:

    ZART0266; ZBIA02; ZBIA02[B-C]; ZBOB0046[B-D]; ZBOB0048; ZBOB0054B; ZBOB0055B; ZBOB0058E; ZBOB[0059,0060,0062][E-F]; ZBOB0061E; ZBOB0062G; ZBOR27; ZBTL0001B; ZCDS; ZCDSB; ZCDSC; ZCOA04[C-F]; ZCOA05[B-E]; ZCOA06[F-H]; ZCRO0150C; ZCRO0151D; ZCRO31; ZCRO32; ZCRO34[B-C]; ZFGN10[B-C]; ZFTC01F; ZHFR[A,D-E]; ZHZO11B; ZHZO21B; ZHZO81C; ZKMC70[D-F]; ZLCL[C-E]; ZLZY0022; ZLZY0022B; ZLZY0023; ZNHC03; ZNHC03[B-C]; ZNHC04[C-E]; ZNHC06[B-D]; ZNHC[20,30][A,E-G]; ZPHC32A; ZPLP01; ZPLP01[C-D]; ZPLP02; ZPNL0406A; ZPNL0409[K-M]; ZRLE[0071,0072][K-M]

    This covers Fall Workbook pages A27-A110. Combined with the previous update from two weeks ago there are 218 added or revised files covering Fall Workbook pages A1-A110.
    Perform a regular file update to get these files.
    by Published on 10-31-2016 08:36 AM

    127 files are newly added or revised. The files include:

    ZFCD[22,02][H-O]; ZFCD[50,51][K-R]; ZPHF0090[F-K]; ZPHF0061[D,L]; ZFCD41[B,D-F]; ZFCD42[C-F]; ZFRP[33,34][C-E]; ZCPF[12,12B,14]; ZMPA15; ZMPA15[B-D]; ZKMC05; ZKMC05B; ZPUF0002[E-N,P-Q]; ZPUF0018[B,C]; ZPUF0125; ZPUF0125L; ZPUF0250; ZPUF0250L; ZPUF0018[D-I]; ZBOB00[19,39][E-J]; ZBOB0031[F-H]; ZBOB0008[C-E]; ZBOB0044[D,L]; ZBOB00[04,23][C-H]; ZSQR10[B-D]; ZCQR; ZSQM02[B-E]

    This covers Fall Workbook pages A1-A26.
    Perform a regular file update to get these files.
    by Published on 10-24-2016 10:20 AM

    Some revised and new pages for the workbook are available.
    Additions include item ZALC43 Cross.
    Revised pages include corrected barcodes for various items and a revised index and jig list to accommodate the re-added ZALC43.
    Downloadable PDF
    by Published on 10-11-2016 08:54 AM

    GravoStyle files for newly introduced product are now available. This includes the files listed in the Laser Files Change Log for 10-11-16.
    New layouts found in the workbook for existing products will be made available as they're completed.

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