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    by Published on 10-24-2016 11:20 AM

    Some revised and new pages for the workbook are available.
    Additions include item ZALC43 Cross.
    Revised pages include corrected barcodes for various items and a revised index and jig list to accommodate the re-added ZALC43.
    Downloadable PDF
    by Published on 10-11-2016 09:54 AM

    GravoStyle files for newly introduced product are now available. This includes the files listed in the Laser Files Change Log for 10-11-16.
    New layouts found in the workbook for existing products will be made available as they're completed.
    by Published on 05-06-2016 11:21 AM

    All GravoStyle files for new Spring 2016 product are now available.
    by Published on 04-29-2016 09:44 AM

    Most GravoStyle files for new product are now available. Just perform a regular file update as described on the Files & Software page. This includes all files except those for ZPHF0086, ZPHF0087, ZPHF0088, and ZPHF0089. Files for those products will be coming soon.
    by Published on 07-02-2015 09:52 AM
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    Files for new 2015 product are now available. Perform a regular file update to receive these files.
    Also, Laser Tech Support will be closed Friday, July 3 in observance of Independence Day. Have a great weekend, everyone!
    by Published on 07-30-2014 12:30 PM

    ZBOB0019 - Fixed power settings
    ZCOA06 - Changed power settings for more prominent engraving
    ZFFA - Added instructions to clean with rubbing alcohol to improve engraved appearance
    ZKNF04 - Font size increased and name positioning realigned
    ZKNF30 - Realigned name positioning
    ZKNF96&97 - Realigned name positioning
    ZRLE0071 - Changed text alignment to center on "Welcome" layout

    ZBOB0065-0068 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0040 - Modified Ornament loading position to give consistant engraving results
    ZKRG0017 - Jig picture added
    ZNHC0052 - Tray drop adjusted for proper laser focusing
    ZNHC0053 - Tray drop adjusted for proper laser focusing

    ZBLK0245-0247 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0037 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0038 - Jig picture added
    ZHSA0170-0173 - Jig pictures added and rotations corrected
    ZMSC0007 - Engraving rotation fixed
    ZNHC0051 - Jig notes corrected

    ZBOB0008 - Power setting adjusted
    ZPHF0113 - Jig picture corrected
    ZTRY0028 - Engraving alignment corrected
    ZTRY0029 - Engraving alignment corrected

    ZBOB0019 & ZBOB0039 - Jig Pictures and rotation of engraving fixed to match new layouts.
    ZPHF0090 - "Thompsons" layout jig picture fixed
    RLE0067 - Cross layout logo now editable

    ZADT01C - Rotation of engraving fixed to match jig picture and instructions

    ZCRO0143-0144 - Power settings reduced to avoid extra burn
    ZBTL0007-0009 - Adjustment made to avoid inconsistent engraved results

    ZBOB0058-62 - Text made into editable images
    ZFGN10 - Now editable
    ZKMC05 - Layout made to match catalog
    ZCCH01 - Mirrored text in order to engrave on back and view through the front; like other crystal items
    ZBMK0006 layout - Jig picture added
    Rustic Crosses - Power settings adjusted

    ZACM01-04 - Layouts now match catalog
    ZALR23 - Text Size Adjusted
    ZBIA02,03,92 - Each layout available on each clock
    ZBTL & Quirky Cans - Instructed in Notes to clean with Rubbing Alcohol
    ZCOA0709&0710 - Logos now slightly difer from catalog to improve engraving
    ZCQM - Monogram Layout - Now matches catalog
    ZFCD17 - Editable Graduation Cap made smaller to fit other clipart
    ZLIT02 (Dicontinued) - Adjusted tray drop for better focusing
    ZNHC05 - Now able to swap out text for clipart

    ZBLK0105 - Logo editable
    ZLZY - Changed Jig Pictures
    ZLZY0023 - Realigned Text Curve
    ZNHC30/20 - Added Jig Pictures
    ZORN0001D - General Spacing
    ZPHF0063 - Adjusted Text Size
    ZPHF0066 - Adjusted Text Size
    12 x 16 Litho Jig Notes
    Slate Coasters - Reduced engraving time & Realignment
    Quirky Cans - Y Axis Alignment

    Updated years to 2015
    UPC bar-codes scanable
    Jig Notes for many frames have changed
    Added Missing Thumbnails
    ZBOR27 - Realigned & Resized names
    ZCOA06 - Centered "Weaver" layout
    ZCPF14 - Realigned "Mr & Mrs" layout
    ZHZO - Adjusted mug/water bottle layouts
    ZHZO81 - Bike Clipart editable
    ZLIT20-23 - Added Layout with clipart
    ZMCA12-14 - Cross layout clipart resized
    ZMCA65 - Text center aligned
    ZMPH01 & 02 - Fixed tray drop from coming back up
    ZNKA09 - Both layouts re-centered
    ZNKA10 - "Olivia" layout re-centered

    Applied update resolving the freezing & locking up of the GravoTouch software.

    ZMPH01 - Added "Dad" layout; changed spacing on "John A. Brock" layout
    Iphone Cases - ZIP50025 layout - clip art available
    ZHZO (Ceramic) - Replaced missing jig pictures; changed ZHZO34 text lines to prevent blackened edges
    ZPUF - ZPUF0060 layout - fixed text line for names
    ZCRY30 - Added a new layout and changed jig
    ZACM - Sizing for all layouts changed and added lid engraving
    ZORN21 - Layout centered

    Corrected ZLPO vertical marriage prayer layout
    Added ZLCL picture & changed layout
    Made ZLPO(B) (vertical) logo editable
    ZFCD40 horizontal layout now has reduced engraving time
    ZTEQ01 & ZTEQ03 new layouts
    ZPUF0018-ZPUF0130 all layouts available in each color
    ZCAR0097 made editable
    ZFCD05 layout updated for every color
    ZHFR added marriage prayer layout
    ZHZO ceramic - changed text lines to prevent blackened edges

    60 new clip art images
    Added 6 new layouts for ZPUF0002, ZPUF0004, ZPUF00059, ZPUF0119-ZPUF00124
    Fixed ZCMF0025
    Fixed ZMCA13 layout
    2 new layouts for ZGRA01
    1 new layout for ZVFN05
    ZPNS jig pictures have been corrected

    Fixed Templates and Layouts:
    ZHZO30-35 (Layout 32) Dinosaur logo didn't have the option of choosing other logos, but now is fixed

    ZCAR0001-0098: Z-positioning wasn't right, so I have corrected that so it engraves correctly

    I have added all the new leather items as well. You WILL NEED 70% or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) for the leather items due to the residue that the laser leaves behind.

    Fixed Templates and Layouts:
    ZFCD40 Black and Cherry: Image size wasn't right in GravoTouch, but is now fixed

    ZHZO30-35 (Layout 32): Line of text was to long and didn't engrave everything. Line has been shortened to engrave everything.

    ZALC41-56 (Layout 46): Eagles was spelled incorrectly. It is now spelled correctly

    ZBOB0046-53 (Layout 0047): The letters HOME were causing you to not be able to change the state logo. That has now been fixed.

    ZPUF0060: Image was not showing up in the Launcher. It is now there with a few more layouts.

    (I have also added a few more logos as well.)

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZORN21,49,44, ZBOB (Layout 0008), ZHZO (Layout 14,15), ZHZO10-15 (Layout 06), ZFCD40,41,42, ZCFW01,02,05,06

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZCMF0010, ZCMF0013, ZCMF0016, ZCMF0017, ZCMF0020-26, ZCAR0030-46, ZPMD43-57, ZCRO28

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZALC41-48 (Layout 45) ZALC49-56 (Layout 53), ZFCD51C
    by Published on 06-23-2014 09:30 AM

    Our apologies, some of you may have already received the faux leather items by mistake. These are in-house, but files and jigs are still under development. Samples, files, and jigs will ship/be available August 1st.

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