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    by Published on 10-11-2016 08:54 AM

    GravoStyle files for newly introduced product are now available. This includes the files listed in the Laser Files Change Log for 10-11-16.
    New layouts found in the workbook for existing products will be made available as they're completed.
    by Published on 05-06-2016 10:21 AM

    All GravoStyle files for new Spring 2016 product are now available.
    by Published on 04-29-2016 08:44 AM

    Most GravoStyle files for new product are now available. Just perform a regular file update as described on the Files & Software page. This includes all files except those for ZPHF0086, ZPHF0087, ZPHF0088, and ZPHF0089. Files for those products will be coming soon.
    by Published on 07-02-2015 08:52 AM
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    Files for new 2015 product are now available. Perform a regular file update to receive these files.
    Also, Laser Tech Support will be closed Friday, July 3 in observance of Independence Day. Have a great weekend, everyone!
    by Published on 07-30-2014 11:30 AM

    ZBOB0019 - Fixed power settings
    ZCOA06 - Changed power settings for more prominent engraving
    ZFFA - Added instructions to clean with rubbing alcohol to improve engraved appearance
    ZKNF04 - Font size increased and name positioning realigned
    ZKNF30 - Realigned name positioning
    ZKNF96&97 - Realigned name positioning
    ZRLE0071 - Changed text alignment to center on "Welcome" layout

    ZBOB0065-0068 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0040 - Modified Ornament loading position to give consistant engraving results
    ZKRG0017 - Jig picture added
    ZNHC0052 - Tray drop adjusted for proper laser focusing
    ZNHC0053 - Tray drop adjusted for proper laser focusing

    ZBLK0245-0247 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0037 - Jig picture added
    ZCTO0038 - Jig picture added
    ZHSA0170-0173 - Jig pictures added and rotations corrected
    ZMSC0007 - Engraving rotation fixed
    ZNHC0051 - Jig notes corrected

    ZBOB0008 - Power setting adjusted
    ZPHF0113 - Jig picture corrected
    ZTRY0028 - Engraving alignment corrected
    ZTRY0029 - Engraving alignment corrected

    ZBOB0019 & ZBOB0039 - Jig Pictures and rotation of engraving fixed to match new layouts.
    ZPHF0090 - "Thompsons" layout jig picture fixed
    RLE0067 - Cross layout logo now editable

    ZADT01C - Rotation of engraving fixed to match jig picture and instructions

    ZCRO0143-0144 - Power settings reduced to avoid extra burn
    ZBTL0007-0009 - Adjustment made to avoid inconsistent engraved results

    ZBOB0058-62 - Text made into editable images
    ZFGN10 - Now editable
    ZKMC05 - Layout made to match catalog
    ZCCH01 - Mirrored text in order to engrave on back and view through the front; like other crystal items
    ZBMK0006 layout - Jig picture added
    Rustic Crosses - Power settings adjusted

    ZACM01-04 - Layouts now match catalog
    ZALR23 - Text Size Adjusted
    ZBIA02,03,92 - Each layout available on each clock
    ZBTL & Quirky Cans - Instructed in Notes to clean with Rubbing Alcohol
    ZCOA0709&0710 - Logos now slightly difer from catalog to improve engraving
    ZCQM - Monogram Layout - Now matches catalog
    ZFCD17 - Editable Graduation Cap made smaller to fit other clipart
    ZLIT02 (Dicontinued) - Adjusted tray drop for better focusing
    ZNHC05 - Now able to swap out text for clipart

    ZBLK0105 - Logo editable
    ZLZY - Changed Jig Pictures
    ZLZY0023 - Realigned Text Curve
    ZNHC30/20 - Added Jig Pictures
    ZORN0001D - General Spacing
    ZPHF0063 - Adjusted Text Size
    ZPHF0066 - Adjusted Text Size
    12 x 16 Litho Jig Notes
    Slate Coasters - Reduced engraving time & Realignment
    Quirky Cans - Y Axis Alignment

    Updated years to 2015
    UPC bar-codes scanable
    Jig Notes for many frames have changed
    Added Missing Thumbnails
    ZBOR27 - Realigned & Resized names
    ZCOA06 - Centered "Weaver" layout
    ZCPF14 - Realigned "Mr & Mrs" layout
    ZHZO - Adjusted mug/water bottle layouts
    ZHZO81 - Bike Clipart editable
    ZLIT20-23 - Added Layout with clipart
    ZMCA12-14 - Cross layout clipart resized
    ZMCA65 - Text center aligned
    ZMPH01 & 02 - Fixed tray drop from coming back up
    ZNKA09 - Both layouts re-centered
    ZNKA10 - "Olivia" layout re-centered

    Applied update resolving the freezing & locking up of the GravoTouch software.

    ZMPH01 - Added "Dad" layout; changed spacing on "John A. Brock" layout
    Iphone Cases - ZIP50025 layout - clip art available
    ZHZO (Ceramic) - Replaced missing jig pictures; changed ZHZO34 text lines to prevent blackened edges
    ZPUF - ZPUF0060 layout - fixed text line for names
    ZCRY30 - Added a new layout and changed jig
    ZACM - Sizing for all layouts changed and added lid engraving
    ZORN21 - Layout centered

    Corrected ZLPO vertical marriage prayer layout
    Added ZLCL picture & changed layout
    Made ZLPO(B) (vertical) logo editable
    ZFCD40 horizontal layout now has reduced engraving time
    ZTEQ01 & ZTEQ03 new layouts
    ZPUF0018-ZPUF0130 all layouts available in each color
    ZCAR0097 made editable
    ZFCD05 layout updated for every color
    ZHFR added marriage prayer layout
    ZHZO ceramic - changed text lines to prevent blackened edges

    60 new clip art images
    Added 6 new layouts for ZPUF0002, ZPUF0004, ZPUF00059, ZPUF0119-ZPUF00124
    Fixed ZCMF0025
    Fixed ZMCA13 layout
    2 new layouts for ZGRA01
    1 new layout for ZVFN05
    ZPNS jig pictures have been corrected

    Fixed Templates and Layouts:
    ZHZO30-35 (Layout 32) Dinosaur logo didn't have the option of choosing other logos, but now is fixed

    ZCAR0001-0098: Z-positioning wasn't right, so I have corrected that so it engraves correctly

    I have added all the new leather items as well. You WILL NEED 70% or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) for the leather items due to the residue that the laser leaves behind.

    Fixed Templates and Layouts:
    ZFCD40 Black and Cherry: Image size wasn't right in GravoTouch, but is now fixed

    ZHZO30-35 (Layout 32): Line of text was to long and didn't engrave everything. Line has been shortened to engrave everything.

    ZALC41-56 (Layout 46): Eagles was spelled incorrectly. It is now spelled correctly

    ZBOB0046-53 (Layout 0047): The letters HOME were causing you to not be able to change the state logo. That has now been fixed.

    ZPUF0060: Image was not showing up in the Launcher. It is now there with a few more layouts.

    (I have also added a few more logos as well.)

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZORN21,49,44, ZBOB (Layout 0008), ZHZO (Layout 14,15), ZHZO10-15 (Layout 06), ZFCD40,41,42, ZCFW01,02,05,06

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZCMF0010, ZCMF0013, ZCMF0016, ZCMF0017, ZCMF0020-26, ZCAR0030-46, ZPMD43-57, ZCRO28

    Fixed Templates and Layouts: ZALC41-48 (Layout 45) ZALC49-56 (Layout 53), ZFCD51C
    by Published on 06-23-2014 08:30 AM

    Our apologies, some of you may have already received the faux leather items by mistake. These are in-house, but files and jigs are still under development. Samples, files, and jigs will ship/be available August 1st.
    by Published on 05-29-2014 10:10 AM

    The Summer 2014 Personalization Catalog (Scan Book) introduces some changes to make knowing which layout file to open easier. Products and layouts that are intended to provide dark or light engraving results now have a dark red D or L beside them to be able to match the product to the correct layout. Note that the terminology has changed from light/dark product to dark/light engraving. 230+ files have been updated to reflect the change in terminology. Also, power/speed settings for all light engraving layouts have been harmonized to 40/100. Please see page 128 of the new catalog (or the image below) for an annotated example. Want a longer explanation and some examples? See this forum post.

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