• All 2022 Workbook Layouts Complete

    With the addition of 204 new files, all layouts for new 2022 product are complete. The full list of files this includes can be found on the Laser Files Change Log.

    The digital version of the workbook has been updated and is available at wholesale.prgrahamdunn.com/workbook. This provides a one-stop location to find product information, layout options, and to download photography/image assets for laser product. New pages of the traditional format workbook are available: these make up section 'D' and will not be physically sent out with sample packs and jigs, but can be purchased separately (SKU: CATALOG-WBOOOK), or printed on your own (download here).
    To get the new GravoStyle files you can either perform a regular file update, or use this ZIP archive to get just the new files.