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    New 2023 layouts are complete
    These files also require updating fonts

    5.4 laser files
    If you need the 5.2 laser files (for 5.2 or 5.3), please call 855-218-5260

    It's important to update your files regularly. This will ensure that you always have files ready for any newly introduced product, and will also make sure that any updates or corrections to old files are applied to your system. We recommend updating your files at least once a month.

    The update steps below have changed slightly. Please read these steps before continuing.

    Here's how to update your laser files: (directions with photos, for printout)

    Step 1: Click the link and save the .zip file to your Desktop. You can also right-click and choose "Save links as..." or "Save target as..."

    Step 2: Double click the .zip file, and inside you will see many individual files. Press Ctrl-A to select all the files. Press Ctrl-C (copy).

    Step 3: Double-click the "PGD Laser Files" folder that's on your desktop. Press Ctrl-V (paste). Wait for a dialog to pop up.

    Step 4: For Windows Vista/7/8 - Click the checkbox in the lower left to apply the same action to all the items. Then click the first option, "copy and replace."
    For Windows 10 - Click the first option, "Replace the files in the destination"
    Wait for the files to copy.

    Step 5: Right-click the PGD Laser Files folder, and click "Properties." You will see a box titled "Read-Only." Click the box until there is a black check-mark inside. (Make sure it is not a grey check-mark or a filled-in block.) Click "Apply" and if prompted, select "Apply changes to Folders, Subfolders, and Files." Click "OK," and you're done!

    (Numbered Files archives)

    Fonts (How to update/install fonts [PDF])
    PGD Clipart for Symbols Library
    LS100 Driver 5.19-3
    LS100 Driver 6.00-3
    LS100 Driver 7.28-3
    L-Solution100_IQ.mac post-pro file
    Firmware utility 1.07
    Gravostyle.ini file (Right Click, and select "Save As" to download)
    Gravostyle 5.4 Software (Build 5)
    Laser Promotional Video
    HASP Key (dongle) driver, version 8.21 (only use if Windows does not automatically recognize the key after installing GravoStyle & restarting your computer)

    Please note that we are not directly supporting Gravostyle versions higher than 5.4 at this time. When 5.4 files are opened in newer versions of the software, some settings may be lost or corrupted. If you have a dongle compatible with GravoStyle version 6 or 7, you can continue to install and run version 5.4. If you have a dongle compatible with version 8, only version 8 can be installed and ran, but version 8 does seem to open 5.4 files correctly.

    10-09-23 - Tim
    ZNHC0100G (1 file) - Fixed typo (3rd line - "promise to share out lives together" to "promise to share our lives together")

    04-05-23 - Tim
    ZNHC0101B, ZNHC0101C, ZNHC0101D (3 files) - Adjusted Z-up position (tray drop) from 0.0000" to 0.5000" NOTE: ZNHC0101A has always been correct

    03-27-23 - Franklin
    ZPHF0535A, ZPHF0535B, ZPHF0535C (3 files) - Fixed artwork and template (moved down by .375" to eliminate interference with corner jig)

    03-14-23 - Tim
    ZPHF0537B (1 file) - Fixed artwork (two instances of incorrect lettering overlap)

    03-06-23 - Tim
    NEW FILES (276 files)
    S104-B20S_[A-H]; S104-C14_[A-H]; S104-C22_[A-J]; S104-C32_[A-J]; ZACT0029[A-F]; ZACT0033[A-E]; ZACT0034[A-F]; ZACT0036[A-E]; ZAKC0074[A-F]; ZAKC0076[A-F]; ZAKC0078[A-G]; ZAWT0025[A-D]; ZAWT0026[A-D]; ZBTT0014[A-E]; ZCRO0267[A-F]; ZMCB0028[A-D]; ZMGT0668[A-F]; ZMGT0669[A-D]; ZNPL0007[A-E]; ZNPL0008[A-D]; ZOPT0019[A-F]; ZOPW0016[A-F]; ZORA0064[A-D]; ZORN0480[A-C]; ZORN0481[A-C]; ZORN0482[A-C]; ZORN0483[A-C]; ZORN0484[A-C]; ZORN0485[A-D]; ZORN0486[A-B]; ZORN0487[A-B]; ZORN0488[A-D]; ZPHF0533[A-C]; ZPHF0534[A-C]; ZPHF0535[A-C]; ZPHF0536[A-C]; ZPHF0537[A-C]; ZSAT0383[A-B]; ZSAT0384[A-C]; ZSAT0385[A-D]; ZSAT0386[A-D]; ZSAT0387[A-C]; ZSAT0388[A-C]; ZSAT0389[A-C]; ZSPT0109[A-D]; ZSPT0110[A-C]; ZSSH0018[A-D]; ZTAG0021[A-I]; ZTRT0013[A-D]; ZTRT0014[A-D]; ZTRT0015[A-D]; ZTRY0071[A-C]; ZUART0762[A-C]; ZUBHB0550[A-C]; ZUCOAS1882[A-B]; ZUORN0432[A-B]; ZVFR0485[A-D]; ZWBT0020[A-C]; ZWBT0021[A-C]; ZWBT0022[A-D]; ZWBT0023[A-C]; ZWBT0024[A-C]; ZYPPA0029[A-D]; ZYPPA0030[A-C]; ZYPPA0031[A-D]

    12-21-22 - Tim
    ZUTL0008D (1 file) - Corrected verse reference (from Galatians 5:14 to Galatians 5:13)

    05-27-22 - Tim
    NEW FILES (64 files)
    ZALC57; ZALC58; ZAMH0014[E-F]; ZAMH0016[E-F]; ZBIA02[D-E]; ZCOA05[F-G]; ZCOA06[I-J]; ZFCD22[P-Q]; ZFCD50[S-T]; ZFFA[J-K]; ZHSA0170[D-H]; ZHZO16; ZHZO17; ZHZO43; ZHZO44; ZJHP[C-D]; ZLZY0022[D-E]; ZMCA06; ZMCA07; ZMCA30[E-F]; ZMCC13[C-D]; ZNHC0035[I-J]; ZNHC0036[I-J]; ZNHC0062[E-F]; ZNHC0064[G-H]; ZNHC0065[E-F]; ZNHC0067[G-H]; ZNHC0100[E-G]; ZNHC03[D-E]; ZNHC04[F-G]; ZRDM0149[D-E]; ZRLE0067[M-N]; ZRLE0069[M-N]; ZRLE0070[M-N]

    02-14-22 - Tim
    ZORN0452[A-G] (7 files) - Changed orientation
    ZSPT0063[A-C]; ZSPT0064[A-D] (7 files) - Adjusted Z-up position (tray drop) from 0.0000" to 1.0000"

    02-10-22 - Tim
    ZARQ0026[A-C]; ZARQ0027[A-C]; ZARQ0028[A-C] (9 files) - Sizing adjustment

    02-08-22 - Tim
    NEW FILES (204 files)
    ZAAT0033[A-D]; ZAAT0034[A-D]; ZARQ0026[A-C]; ZARQ0027[A-C]; ZARQ0028[A-C]; ZART0758A]; ZBHB0640[A-D]; ZBHB0641[A-D]; ZBUB0073[A-D]; ZBWT0019[A-E]; ZBWT0021[A-C]; ZBWT0022[A-C]; ZCOAS1904[A-C]; ZCOAS1905[A-D]; ZCOAS1906[A-C]; ZCRO0246[A-D]; ZCSTS0904[A-E]; ZDWT0008[A-D]; ZFDC0102[A-D]; ZFDC0103[A-C]; ZFDC0104[A-C]; ZFDC0105[A-D]; ZFDC0106[A-D]; ZFDC0107[A-C]; ZFFT0017[A-D]; ZFFW0031[A-E]; ZHPS0152[A-E]; ZKMC0098[A-C]; ZKMC0142[A-E]; ZKMC0143[A-E]; ZLKC0215[A-D]; ZLKC0216[A-E]; ZORA0051[A-D]; ZORA0052[A-D]; ZORA0053[A-C]; ZORN0452[A-G]; ZPHF0487[A-D]; ZPHH0014[A-E]; ZPUF0410[A-C]; ZPUF0412[A-D]; ZRLT0025[A-D]; ZSAT0308[A-D]; ZSAT0309[A-E]; ZSAT0310[A-D]; ZSAT0311[A-D]; ZSAT0312[A-D]; ZSPT0063[A-C]; ZSPT0064[A-D]; ZWDP0005[A-B]; ZWDP0006[A-B]; ZWDS0017[A-C]; ZWDS0018[A-D]; ZWDS0019[A-C]; ZWDS0020[A-C]

    08-27-21 - Tim
    ZCFR0024[A-B]; ZCFR0025[A-B]; ZCFR0026[A-B]; ZCFR0027A (7 files) - Adjusted Z-up position (tray drop) from 0.2500" to 0.5000"

    06-11-21 - Tim
    ZRFW0034A (1 file) - Adjusted text spacing between words, "by God"

    03-01-21 - Tim
    NEW FILES (249 files)
    ZAAT0029[A-C]; ZAAT0030[A-C]; ZACM0028[A-C]; ZACM0029[A-C]; ZBHB0568[A-C]; ZBHB0569[A-C]; ZBTL0015[A-D]; ZBUB0068[A-C]; ZCRO0227[A-D]; ZCRO0228[A-C]; ZFDC0033[A-H]; ZFDC0034[A-F]; ZFDC0035[A-F]; ZFDC0036[A-F]; ZHLD0001[A-C]; ZKMC0122[A-E]; ZKMC0126[A-C]; ZKMC0127[A-C]; ZLKC0185[A-C]; ZLKC0186[A-C]; ZMCB0009[A-C]; ZMCB0012[A-E]; ZMCB0021[A-D]; ZMCSP0014[A-E]; ZMSC0021[A-B]; ZORN0422[A-C]; ZORN0423[A-D]; ZORN0424[A-C]; ZORN0425[A-B]; ZORN0426[A-C]; ZORN0427[A-C]; ZORN0428[A-B]; ZORN0429[A-D]; ZPHF0437[A-C]; ZPHF0438[A-D]; ZPHF0439[A-C]; ZPHF0440[A-D]; ZPHF0441[A-C]; ZPHF0442[A-C]; ZPHF0443[A-C]; ZPMW0029[A-C]; ZPMW0030[A-C]; ZPMW0031[A-C]; ZPMW0032[A-C]; ZRLH0015[A-C]; ZRLT0020[A-D]; ZSAH0056[A-D]; ZSAH0057[A-D]; ZSAP0139[A-C]; ZSAP0140[A-C]; ZSAP0141[A-C]; ZSAT0215[A-C]; ZSAT0216[A-D]; ZSAT0217[A-C]; ZSAT0218[A-C]; ZSAT0219[A-D]; ZSAT0222[A-D]; ZSAT0223[A-C]; ZSAT0224[A-C]; ZSAT0225[A-C]; ZSAT0226[A-C]; ZSAT0227[A-C]; ZSAT0228[A-C]; ZSAT0229[A-C]; ZSTS0172[A-C]; ZSTS0173[A-B]; ZWSS0277[A-E]; ZWSS0278[A-C]; ZYGRD0087[A-C]; ZYGRD0088[A-C]; ZYGRD0089[A-D]; ZYGRD0090[A-D]

    03-03-20 - Tim
    NEW FILES (6 files)
    ZBTL0012[A-F] - same as ZBTL0007[A-F]
    REVISED (4 Files)
    ZNOT0051[A-D] - artwork size adjustment

    02-28-20 - Tim
    NEW FILES (239 files)
    ZBHB0033[A-C]; ZBMK0050[A-G]; ZBTL0013[A-E]; ZBTL0014[A-D]; ZBUB0034[A-D]; ZCHT0005[A-D]; ZCOS0044[A-E]; ZCRO0201[A-C]; ZCRO0203[A-D]; ZDHS0061[A-D]; ZKMC0086[A-E]; ZKMC0097[A-D]; ZKNF0111[A-C]; ZKNF0112[A-C]; ZKNF0113[A-C]; ZLKC0126[A-F]; ZLKC0127[A-D]; ZLKC0128[A-C]; ZLKC0129[A-I]; ZLKC0131[A-D]; ZMFK02[A-D]; ZMGT0438[A-E]; ZMGT0439[A-F]; ZMSC0018[A-C]; ZMSC0019[A-C]; ZMSC0020[A-D]; ZMTL08[A-F]; ZNHC0104[A-G]; ZNKA13[A-D]; ZNOT0051[A-D]; ZNOT0056[A-C]; ZNOT0057[A-C]; ZORN0304[A-D]; ZORN0374[A-D]; ZORN0375[A-D]; ZORN0376[A-D]; ZORN0377[A-D]; ZPET0002[A-C]; ZPHS0028[A-F]; ZRFR0036[A-B]; ZRFT0033[A-D]; ZRFT0034[A-D]; ZRFT0035[A-C]; ZRFW0034[A-C]; ZRFW0035[A-B]; ZRFW0036[A-B]; ZSAH0034[A-B]; ZSAH0035[A-D]; ZSAH0036[A-B]; ZSAH0037[A-C]; ZSAH0038[A-D]; ZSAH0039[A-D]; ZSAT0115[A-D]; ZSAT0116[A-C]; ZSAT0117[A-C]; ZSAT0118[A-C]; ZSAT0119[A-D]; ZSAT0120[A-D]; ZSPT0044[A-C]; ZSPT0045[A-B]; ZSPT0046[A-C]; ZSPT0047[A-C]

    10-14-19 - Tim
    NEW FILES (6 files)
    ZORN0264; ZORN0265; ZORN0269; ZORN0270; ZORN0272; ZORN0275

    04-23-19 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (3 files)
    ZBAN0038A - wrong corner L jig thickness note
    ZBAN0038[D,F] - wrong corner L jig thickness note, and incorrect rotation setting

    04-02-19 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (3 files)
    ZCAN0005[A-C] - Switched to ZZHZO jig

    03-22-19 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (2 files)
    ZMSC0016B - Fixed artwork
    ZMSC0017A - Wrong layout

    03-21-19 - Tim
    Approximate runtimes added to all 304 new files from last week.
    ZFNC0026A - Text at bottom changed to green to improve runtime (37:11 if all black, 15:21 with black and green)
    ZNHC0102C - Plate orientation was incorrect
    ZSAT0036B - Added missing pawprint art

    03-15-19 - Tim
    NEW FILES (304 files)
    ZABH0034[A-C]; ZBAN0038[A,D,F]; ZBBX0022[A-E]; ZBBX0023[A-E]; ZBHB0316[A-D]; ZBHB0317[A-C]; ZBHB0318[A-C]; ZBHB0319A; ZBHB0320A; ZBHB0321[A-B]; ZBMK0032[A-D]; ZBOB0074[A-B]; ZBOB0075[A-B]; ZBOB0076[A-B]; ZBOB0077A; ZBOB0078A; ZBOB0079A; ZCAB0016[A-B]; ZCAB0017A; ZCAB0018[A-D]; ZCAN0003[A-D]; ZCAN0004[A-D]; ZCAN0005[A-C]; ZCAN0006[A-E]; ZCFR0024[A-B]; ZCFR0025[A-B]; ZCFR0026[A-B]; ZCFR0027A; ZCHM0076[A-B]; ZCHM0077[A-B]; ZCHM0078[A-B]; ZCHM0079[A-B]; ZCRY0044[A-D]; ZCRY0045[A-C]; ZCRY0046[A-D]; ZCTP0007[A-D]; ZFNC0026A; ZGLS05[A-C]; ZHOU0136[A-B]; ZHPL0025A; ZHPL0026[A-C]; ZHSA0297[A-F]; ZHSA0298[A-F]; ZHZO42[A-D]; ZKMC0085[A-C]; ZKNF0101[A-C]; ZLKC0054[A-D]; ZMSC0016[A-C]; ZMSC0017[A-C]; ZNHC0062[A-D]; ZNHC0063[A-E]; ZNHC0064[A-F]; ZNHC0065[A-D]; ZNHC0066[A-F]; ZNHC0067[A-F]; ZNHC0068[A-D]; ZNHC0102[A-C]; ZNHC0103[A-C]; ZNOT0013[A-D]; ZORN0192[A-B]; ZORN0193[A-B]; ZORN0194[A-B]; ZORN0195[A-B]; ZPEN0005[A-C]; ZPEN0009[A-C]; ZPEN0011[A-C]; ZPET0001[A-C]; ZPHF0225A; ZPHF0226[A-B]; ZPUZ0085[A-B]; ZPUZ0086[A-B]; ZRFR0021[A-B]; ZRFR0022[A-B]; ZRFR0023[A-F]; ZSAT0034[A-B]; ZSAT0035[A-C]; ZSAT0036[A-B]; ZSAT0037[A-C]; ZSAT0038[A-C]; ZSAT0039[A-C]; ZSAT0040[A-C]; ZSAT0041[A-B]; ZSAT0042[A-B]; ZSBB0083[A-C]; ZSBB0084[A-B]; ZSBB0085[A-B]; ZTRY0040[A-D]; ZTRY0046A; ZTRY0047[A-B]; ZTWB01[A-C]; ZUTL0001[A-C]; ZUTL0004[A-C]; ZUTL0005[A-C]; ZUTL0006[A-C]; ZUTL0008[A-D]; ZVBB0057[A-B]; ZVBB0058[A-B]; ZVBB0059[A-E]; ZVFR0173[A-F]; ZVFR0175[A-C]; ZWNS0044A; ZWNS0045[A-C]; ZWNS0046[A-B]; ZWNS0047[A-D]

    01-31-19 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (2 files)
    ZBOB0008C; ZBOB0031F - scripture reference correction (Was Psalm 107:1, corrected to Proverbs 3:5)

    09-13-18 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (2 files)
    ZBOB0071C; ZBOB0072C - typo correction (was "acheivement", corrected to "achievement")

    07-05-18 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (10 files)
    ZWSS0242[A-C]; ZWSS0243[A-D]; ZWSS0244[A-C] - product dimensions corrected from 5"x3.5" to 5"x3.36" for ZWSS0242,0243; from 9.96"x3.5" to 10"x3.36" for ZWSS0244

    06-13-18 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (2 files)
    ZBHB0206[A,B] - Product dimensions corrected from 7.25"x5.5" to 7.25"x5.375"

    04-26-18 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (3 files)
    ZMSC0006[A-C] - Increased focus dot size from 0.0012" to 0.0050"

    04-13-18 - Tim
    NEW FILES (205 files)
    ZBBX0020[A-D]; ZBBX0021[A-D]; ZBHB0205[A-B]; ZBHB0206[A-B]; ZBHB0207[A-B]; ZBHB0209[A-B]; ZBHB0210[A-B]; ZBHB0211A; ZBRD0033[A-C]; ZBTL0011[A-C]; ZBTP0011[A-C]; ZBTP0012[A-B]; ZBTP0013[A-B]; ZBTP0014[A-B]; ZCAN0001[A-C]; ZCAR0163[A-C]; ZCAR0164[A-C]; ZCLP0001[A-C]; ZCOS0042[A-D]; ZCOS0043[A-B]; ZDOR0011[A-B]; ZGLS04[A-C]; ZHOU0001[A-B]; ZHOU0002[A-B]; ZHSA0294[A-C]; ZHSA0296[A-B]; ZKMC84[A-C]; ZLKC19[A-B]; ZLKC20[A-C]; ZLKC53[A-D]; ZMCC13[A-B]; ZMGT0288[A-C]; ZMGT0289[A-B]; ZMGT0290[A-B]; ZMPH03[A-B]; ZMSC0013[A-B]; ZMSC0014[A-B]; ZMSC0015[A-C]; ZMTL03[A-C]; ZNHC0101[A-D]; ZNPL06[A-C]; ZORN0171[A-E]; ZORN0173[A-B]; ZORN0174[A-C]; ZORN0175[A-C]; ZORN0176[A-D]; ZORN0177[A-B]; ZORN0178[A-D]; ZORN0179[A-C]; ZPBX0028[A-C]; ZPHF0176[A-C]; ZPHF0177[A-B]; ZPHF0178[A-C]; ZPHF0183[A-D]; ZPHF0184[A-D]; ZPNH0028[A-C]; ZPNH0029A; ZPNL0749[A-E]; ZPNL0750A; ZPUF0307[A-C]; ZPUF0308[A-B]; ZPUF0309[A-B]; ZRDM0149[A-C]; ZSAP0084[A-B]; ZSAP0085[A-B]; ZSFR0013[A-B]; ZSFR0014[A-B]; ZSGS0009[A-B]; ZSGS0010[A-B]; ZSGS0011[A-B]; ZSKD0018[A-B]; ZTKS0040[A-B]; ZTPM0001[A-B]; ZTRY0038[A-B]; ZTRY0039[A-C]; ZWAL0001[A-B]; ZWPB0090[A-B]; ZWPB0092[A-C]; ZWPB0093[A-B]

    04-13-18 - Tim
    REVISED FILES (8 files)
    ZALC[43,51] - Artwork change
    ZLKC08B - Typo correction
    ZBTL0010[A,B,D,E] - Added 3/4" Corner Jig to handle new laser firmware
    ZPHC32A - Added "25th Anniversary"

    04-17-17 - Tim
    NEW OR REVISED FILES (78 files)
    ZALC[42,45,46]; ZBAN0012A; ZBIA02; ZBMK0031[A-D]; ZBOB[0069-0072][A-D]; ZBOB0073A; ZORN[0129,0131-0134][A-B]; ZPHF0142[A-B]; ZPNL[0622-0024,0026-0028][A-B]; ZPNL0625A; ZTKS0027[A-D]; ZVFR[0060-0062][A-B]; ZWPB0014[A-B]; ZWSS[0242,0244][A-C]; ZWSS0243[A-D]; ZWSS0245[A-E]

    12-02-16 - Tim
    NEW OR REVISED FILES (74 files)
    ZHZO82[B-C]; ZHZO30[B-C]; ZHZO[36,40]; ZCRY40; ZCRY40[D-F]; ZCRY01[B-E]; ZCYC10[B-D]; ZCCH01; ZCCH01[B-D]; ZABH01[B-C]; ZBPM; ZBPM0001[B-E]; ZBPL; ZBPL0001[B-E]; ZERP[C-E]; ZMPH01G; ZFFA[E,F,H,I]; ZMCA01B; ZMCA30[B-D]; ZMTL02; ZMTL02[B-C]; ZKNF96B; ZSCB05A; ZLKC50B; ZBMK0002[B-C]; ZLKC08B; ZAKC03[B-C]; ZADT31; ZADT50B; ZADT01[B-C]; ZORN0001[E-H]; ZCFW01B; ZCFW06; ZCFW10; ZCTO01; ZCTO01B; ZCTO20; ZCTO20B; ZCTO30; ZCTO30B
    ZBAN0001A - Incorrect engraving settings and runtime

    11-11-16 - Tim
    NEW OR REVISED FILES (91 files)
    ZART0266; ZBIA02; ZBIA02[B-C]; ZBOB0046[B-D]; ZBOB0048; ZBOB0054B; ZBOB0055B; ZBOB0058E; ZBOB[0059,0060,0062][E-F]; ZBOB0061E; ZBOB0062G; ZBOR27; ZBTL0001B; ZCDS; ZCDSB; ZCDSC; ZCOA04[C-F]; ZCOA05[B-E]; ZCOA06[F-H]; ZCRO0150C; ZCRO0151D; ZCRO31; ZCRO32; ZCRO34[B-C]; ZFGN10[B-C]; ZFTC01F; ZHFR[A,D-E]; ZHZO11B; ZHZO21B; ZHZO81C; ZKMC70[D-F]; ZLCL[C-E]; ZLZY0022; ZLZY0022B; ZLZY0023; ZNHC03; ZNHC03[B-C]; ZNHC04[C-E]; ZNHC06[B-D]; ZNHC[20,30][A,E-G]; ZPHC32A; ZPLP01; ZPLP01[C-D]; ZPLP02; ZPNL0406A; ZPNL0409[K-M]; ZRLE[0071,0072][K-M]

    10-28-16 - Tim
    NEW OR REVISED FILES (127 files)
    ZFCD[22,02][H-O]; ZFCD[50,51][K-R]; ZPHF0090[F-K]; ZPHF0061[D,L]; ZFCD41[B,D-F]; ZFCD42[C-F]; ZFRP[33,34][C-E]; ZCPF[12,12B,14]; ZMPA15; ZMPA15[B-D]; ZKMC05; ZKMC05B; ZPUF0002[E-N,P-Q]; ZPUF0018[B,C]; ZPUF0125; ZPUF0125L; ZPUF0250; ZPUF0250L; ZPUF0018[D-I]; ZBOB00[19,39][E-J]; ZBOB0031[F-H]; ZBOB0008[C-E]; ZBOB0044[D,L]; ZBOB00[04,23][C-H]; ZSQR10[B-D]; ZCQR; ZSQM02[B-E]

    10-11-16 - Tim
    NEW FILES (200 files)
    ZAMH0014[A-D]; ZAMH0016[A-D]; ZBAN0001[A-C]; ZBAN0002[A-C]; ZBLK0245[A-C]; ZBLK0246[A-B]; ZBLK0247[A-D]; ZBOB0063[A-C]; ZBOB0065A; ZBOB0066A; ZBOB0067A; ZBOB0068A; ZBTL0010[A,B,D,E]; ZCOS0039[A-D]; ZCOS0040[A-D]; ZCRO0165A; ZCRO0166[A-B]; ZCRO0167[A-B]; ZCRY0041[A-C]; ZCRY0042[A-C]; ZCRY0043[A-C]; ZCTO0036[A-D]; ZCTO0037[A-D]; ZCTO0038[A-D]; ZCTO0039[A-C]; ZCTO0040[A-C]; ZHSA0170[A-C]; ZHSA0171[A-B]; ZHSA0172[A-B]; ZHSA0173[A-B]; ZJWY0013[A-C]; ZKRG0017[A-C]; ZMGT0155[A-C]; ZMGT0156[A-C]; ZMGT0157[A-B]; ZMGT0158[A-B]; ZMGT0159[A-B]; ZMSC0006[A-C]; ZMSC0007[A-C]; ZMSC0008[A-C]; ZMSC0009[A-C]; ZMSC0010[A-C]; ZNHC0038[A-D]; ZNHC0039[A-D]; ZNHC0048[A-D]; ZNHC0049[A-D]; ZNHC0050[A-D]; ZNHC0051[A-D]; ZNHC0052[A-C]; ZNHC0053[A-C]; ZORN0098[A-B]; ZORN0099[A-B]; ZORN0100[A-B]; ZPHF0106[A-E]; ZPHF0107[A-B]; ZPHF0109[A-D]; ZPHF0110[A-B]; ZPHF0111[A-B]; ZPHF0113[A-H]; ZPNH0001A; ZPNH0002A; ZPNH0003[A-B]; ZPNH0004[A-B]; ZPNH0007A; ZPNH0008A; ZPNH0009[A-C]; ZTRY0028[A-C]; ZTRY0029[A-C]; ZWSS0149[A-D]; ZYRD0013A; ZYRD0014A; ZYRD0015A; ZYRD0016A

    09-26-16 - Tim
    ZBTL0007[A-F], ZBTL0009[A-F] (12 files) - changed DPI setting from 600 to 300 for better results on glass.

    05-18-16 - Tim
    ZBTL0007[A-F], ZBTL0009[A-F] (12 files) - "Manual Mode" for text was not active, making it hard to create new free text. This is now corrected.

    05-11-16 - Tim
    ZRBB0033C - group artwork to appear correctly
    ZPNL0409F - corrected scripture reference (from Psalm 96:10 to Psalm 46:10)
    ZBOB0040[A,B] - move red outline from Layer 1 to Layer 2

    05-06-16 - Tim
    NEW FILES (140 files)
    New files for ZPHF0086, ZPHF0087, ZPHF0088, and ZPHF0089.
    All new files are now available

    05-04-16 - Tim
    ZLIT0024[A-D] (4 files) - Added focus dot

    05-03-16 - Tim
    ZRLE0068C - Corrected typo (missing space on 4th line "builton" -> "built on")

    04-29-16 - Tim
    NEW FILES (258 files)
    All new files except those for ZPHF0086, ZPHF0087, ZPHF0088, and ZPHF0089.

    12-08-15 - Tim
    ZBOB0030[A,B] (2 files) - Fixed oven mitt artwork

    09-03-15 - Tim
    ZMCA12,13,14 (3 files) - Corrected Layer 2 Instructions: Wrong Jig Name (was ZZMCA11, should be ZZMCA12)

    07-10-15 - Tim
    ZHZO80A - Corrected layout (was a duplicate of ZHZO81B)
    ZHZO81B - Corrected missing engraving settings (5.4 only)

    07-07-15 - Tim
    ZHZO[82,83,84,85,85B] (5 files) - Corrected missing engraving settings (5.4 only)

    06-30-15 - Tim
    NEW FILES (148 files)
    ZBLK[0099-0110]; ZBOB[0054-0057][D,L]; ZBOB[0056,0057][B,C]; ZBTL[0001-0003][,B]; ZBTL[0001,0003][C,D]; ZCAR[0100,0102]; ZCOA[0705,0706][A,B]; ZCOA[0707-0710,0740-0745]; ZCRY40[A,B,C]; ZFRP[43,44][D,L]; ZGLT[0006,0008,0013,0018]; ZHZO[80,81][A,B]; ZHZO[82-85]; ZHZO85B; ZLZY[0021-0023]; ZNHC[0100,20,30][A,B,C,D]; ZORN0001[,B,C,D,E]; ZPHF[0013-0026,0067,0069,0071,0073,0075-0078]; ZPHF[0058-0066,0068,0072,0074][D,L]; ZPUF[0244-0247][A,B]; ZPUF[0248-0251]

    06-08-15 - Tim
    ZFCD01[A-C]; ZFCD[02-05][ ,B]; ZFCD[06-09,14-19,22,23,52-60,62,64-66][A,B]; ZFCD[50,51][A-D], ZFCD50EAS (70 files) - Added note to remove backer to ensure that product lays flat.

    06-05-15 - Tim
    NEW FILES (59 files)
    ZBBX[05-08]; ZBLW[0015-0018]; ZBMK[0001-0006]; ZCOA06[A-E]; ZCRY30B; ZHZO36-41; ZHZO[80,81]; ZLKC[17,18]; ZMCA65; ZPUF[0002,0004,0059,0119,0120,0121,0122,0123,0124][C,D]; ZPUF[0018,0027,0060,0125,0126,0127,0128,0129,0130]L; ZWMB04

    ZPUF[0002,0004,0059,0119,0120,0121,0122,0123,0124][A,B]; ZPUF[0018,0027,0060,0125,0126,0127,0128,0129,0130] (27 files) - Added "Dark Engraving" to clarify file variant.

    06-03-15 - Tim
    ZBOB0035[A,B] - Layouts removed due to licensing (copyright) requirements.

    02-18-15 - Tim
    ZCRY30B - New layout added.

    08-29-14 - Tim
    ZFRP37 - Corrected black power setting to 100% (was 10% due to typo; affected 5.4 only)

    06-04-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (32 files)
    ZBBX03[A,B], ZIPW0001[A,B,C,D], ZIPW0020[A,B,C,D], ZIPW0040-0042, ZIPW0060-0062, ZIPW0080-0082, ZLKC07-16, ZLKC50-52

    06-24-14 - Tim
    ZFCD16[A,B], ZFCD22[A,B] - Changed main artwork to green and added focus dot to avoid auto-focusing on corner jig.

    06-20-14 - Tim
    ZCOA04[A,B] - Corrected corner jig from 1/2" to 1/4" (2 files)

    06-13-14 - Tim
    ZALC42,50 - Corrected "." (period) to "," (comma) at the end of "always trusts" (2 files)

    06-04-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (65 files)
    ZART0344-0346, ZBOB0042-0045[D,L], ZBOB0046-0053, ZCOA05, ZFRB05-06, ZHZO13-15, ZHZO20-23, ZHZO30-35, ZKNF90-100 ZKRG13-16[D,L], ZMCA12-14, ZNHC06-09, ZNKA09-12

    06-03-14 - Tim
    ZALC26, 27 - Corrected alignment by 0.07 inches (2 files)

    05-29-14 - Tim
    Changed all references of "dark" or "dark product" to "Light Engraving", and all references of "light" or "light product" to "Dark Engraving" to match the new terminology of the 2014 Summer Scan Book.
    Changed all "Light Engraving" layouts to 40/100 power/speed that were not already at that setting.
    (242 files changed)

    05-14-14 - Tim
    ZBOB0024[A, B] - replaced "Places we call Home" from curves to editable text [Lauren Script] (2 files)

    03-20-14 - Tim
    ZALC48,56 - Corrected typo (eagels -> eagles)

    02-27-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (20 files)
    ZCAR0001, ZCAR0047, ZAR0051, ZCAR0061, ZCAR0036, ZCAR0065, ZCAR0067, ZCAR0070, ZCAR0077, ZCAR0082[A, B], ZCAR0083[A, B], ZCAR0087, ZCAR0094, ZCAR0095, ZCAR0096, ZCAR0097, ZCAR0098 (car charms, 19 files); ZORN85 (wood 'slice' ornament, 1 file)

    02-25-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (100 files)
    ZBIA64-65[A, B] (print clocks, 4 files); ZBIA83 (coffee cup clock, 1 file); ZBIA88 (bird house clock, 1 file); ZBIA92 (maple clock, 1 file); ZCRO31-34 (mini crosses, 4 files); ZFCD06-09[A, B], ZFDC14-19[A, B], ZFCD22-23[A, B] (4x6 photo frames, 24 files); ZFCD54-60[A, B], ZFCD62[A, B], ZFCD64-66[A, B] (5x7 photo frames, 22 files); ZFRP37 (3x3 birdhouse frame, 1 file); ZFRP38[A, B], ZFRP39[A, B] (3x5 owl frame, 4 files); ZPER13-14 (doorkeepers, 2 files); ZPLC17, ZPLC21 (17" 'chalkboard' crosses, 2 files); ZPUF0119-0124[A, B] (12" puzzle pieces, 12 files); ZPUF0125-0135 (4x6 photo puzzle frames, 11 files); ZRDS50-52 (medium [9x1.5] sticks, 3 files); ZSQM42-46 (medium square plaques [5.5x5.5], 5 files); ZSQR23-25 (large square plaques [10x10], 3 files)

    02-13-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (15 files)
    ZALP32, ZART0144, ZART0161, ZART0175, ZART0180, ZART0181, ZART0248, ZART0266, ZART0268, ZART0269, ZART0289, ZART0296, ZBOB0041 (lithograph prints, various sizes, 13 files); ZALR28[A, B] (three-photo frame, 2 files)

    02-07-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (44 files)
    ZBOB0020-0027[A,B] (6" x 8" plaques, 16 files); ZBOB0028-0035[A,B] (12" x 4.5" plaques, 16 files); ZBOB0036-0040[A,B] (12" x 16" plaques, 10 files); ZCOA04[A,B] (Cork Coaster, 2 files)

    02-04-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (56 files)
    ZALC39-56 (Crosses, 18 files); ZBLW0002,0004,0009,0011 (Word Blocks, 4 files); ZPNS- 0002[A,B],0003[A,B],0007[A,B],0012[A,B],0013,0014[A,B],0015,0021[A,B],0022[A,B] (Mini 3 Panels, 16 files); ZPUZ36-44[A,B] (Puzzle Magnets, 18 files)

    01-31-14 - Tim
    NEW FILES (6 files)
    ZMCA40-43 (Stylus Pens), ZKNF88 (Small Wood Knife), ZKNF89 (Large Wood Knife)

    10-18-13 - Tim
    NEW FILES (14 files)
    ZIP40023-0029 (iPhone 4 cases), ZIP50023-0029 (iPhone 5 cases)

    08-12-13 - Tim
    ZPMD51 - Arm stripes changed to green to prevent possible focus issues

    07-23-13 - Tim
    ZFCD53A,B - Moved snowflakes away from edge
    ZPUF0060 - Corrected letter spacing in "Children"

    07-15-13 - Tim
    ZORN44 (5.4 ONLY) - Corrected speed/power as they were set wrong (layer 2 instructional text was correct, but the actual run screen settings were not).
    ZORN49 (5.4 ONLY) - Corrected bitmap mode (was Automatic, is now Gray levels).
    ZPMD41 - Corrected (i.e. removed) text slant to match item (final design is different from prototype).

    07-01-13 - Tim
    NEW FILES (21 files)
    ZAOA75, ZBOB0019, ZCMF0013, ZCMF0021, ZCMF0024, ZCMF0025, ZFCD42A, ZFCD42B, ZFCD53A, ZFCD53B, ZFRP33A, ZFRP33B, ZFRP34A, ZFRP34B, ZFRP35A, ZFRP35B, ZGLD16, ZHSA0004, ZHSA0008, ZHSA0024, ZHSA0037
    All Summer product files now available

    06-20-13 - Tim
    NEW FILES (47 files)
    ZALP33, ZALP34, ZCMF0010, ZCMF0016, ZCMF0017, ZCMF0020, ZCMF0022, ZCMF0023, ZCMF0026, ZHSA0007, ZHSA0009, ZHSA0019, ZHSA0020, ZHSA0022, ZHSA0035, ZHZO10, ZHZO11, ZHZO12, ZKPA26A, ZKPA26B, ZNHC04A, ZNHC04B, ZNHC05, ZORN35, ZORN36, ZORN44, ZORN49, ZORN50, ZORN53, ZORN54, ZORN59, ZORN63, ZORN70, ZORN71, ZORN78, ZORN82, ZPMD40, ZPMD41, ZPMD42, ZPMD43, ZPMD44, ZPMD50, ZPMD51, ZPMD52, ZPUF0059A, ZPUF0059B, ZPUF0060

    02-15-13 - Tim
    ZCQR also updated to avoid copyright issue

    01-10-13 - Tim
    ZMPA15 - Added focus dot near album spine to substantially improve focus; otherwise, the focus sensor bends the album surface downward causing focus to be too close. (1 file)

    01-07-13 - Tim
    ZTWB01 (656200084168) - Recreated file to correct problem with composition glitching to dashed gray lines. (1 named, 1 numbered file)

    12-26-12 - Tim
    BOT08, BOR90, BOW02, KID11,12,18,23, ZKID22, ZPLM37 - added ZZALP jig to Layer 2. (9 files)

    12-13-12 - Tim
    ZACM20 (656200110706), ZACM21 (656200111826), ZLCLA (656200101162) & ZLCLB (656200063941) - Improved Layer 2 tips (use jig to prevent rocking for ZACM2X and avoid beveled edge for ZLCL). (4 named, 4 numbered files)

    10-11-12 - Tim
    NEW FILES - ZACM2[5-7], ZALC32,34,35, ZAOA71, ZBOT85,88, ZCRO28, ZFRP32, ZHDF24, ZKNF8[4-7], ZMPA15, ZORN[19-21] - (20 files).
    New fall product - Remaining fall product.

    8-31-12 - Tim
    NEW FILES - ZLIT2[0-3], ZTWB1[0-3], ZLAB01B, ZLAB02B, ZMTL18B - (11 files).
    New fall product - mini-flashlights and mini-whistles. (8 files)
    Pastor Appreciation Month layouts. (3 files)

    8-23-12 - Tim
    NEW FILES - ZADT5[0-3] - (4 files).
    New fall product - bone shaped dog tags.

    7-16-12 - Tim
    NEW FILES - ZHZO02B.gnh, ZHZO01B.gnh, ZERP50D.gnh - (3 files).
    Files for "Back to School" promotion.

    7-06-12 - Tim
    ZALR2X[A,B] (All eight files for 14.25"x11.5" ZALR) - Corrected and added layer 2 guides.

    6-15-12 - Tim
    ZFCD50C, ZFCD51C ("Mr. & Mrs." layout) - Fixed small artwork problem.

    6-13-12 - Tim
    NEW FILES - (67 files) All files for new Spring product.

    6-6-12 - Tim
    ZSQR/ZCQR (six files) - Corrected Z-up position (tray drop) from 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch.

    5-15-12 - Tim
    ZFCD50[ABCD] (all four files) - Corrected layer 2 instructional text to have better approximate run-times.

    4-23-12 - Tim
    ZTMB01.gnh / 656200102848.gnh, ZTMB03.gnh / 656200102862.gnh, 656200102855.gnh - Adjusted speed from 30% to 50% to improve ability to clean / reduce scorching.

    4-12-12 - Tim
    ZALR21A, ZALR21B, ZALR23A, ZALR23B - Corrected alignment. Fixed spacing between 'A' and 'M' on ZALR23s.
    ZFCD40A, ZFCD40B - Recreated files to work around odd glitch.

    3-14-12 - Tim

    3-14-12 - Tim
    ZTBCR- Fixed misspelling.

    2-13-12 - Tim
    ZSCBXXB (Dark Core, 6 files) - minor Power/Speed adjustment.

    10-3-11 - Tim
    NEW FILES - ZADT30-34; ZORN11-13; ZAOA30,31; ZCFW10; ZSIL01 (12 files). Minor fixes for: (656200051528, 656200101094) ZKMC03, (656200089910) ZCRY30, (656200078808) ZWCL01

    9-2-11 - Tim
    NEW FILES - (656200101506) One new layout for ZCKO10. (65620078761 & 656200083379) Updated/cleaned up. All files use black focus dot.
    - ZSQS (all 5 files) - minor cleanup.

    8-22-11 - Tim
    NEW FILES - 10 layouts for Pastor Appreciation Month
    -ZKPB60 (656200089842 & 656200090947) - Changed artwork, text, and outlines to better match new, slighlty modified product.

    7-25-11 - Tim
    -ZFCD40 (656200096154 & 656200098547) - Moved corner art just off the edge. Rounded plate dimensions to exactly 18x12.
    -ZKMC09 (656200053225) - Improved layer 2, adding a blue guide box. Minor alignment adjustment.
    -ZADT (all 6 files) - Made better layer 2 outline.
    -ZCRO08 (656200107300), ZPLC03 (656200107362), ZFGN10 (656200107331), ZALT02 (656200107225), ZSFB06 (656200107409), ZALQ03 (656200107188), ZMFS32 (656200103951), ZMIT32 (both cherry and dark, 656200107355 & 656200105771) (9 files) - Changed possessive to plural for last names (removed apostrophe)
    -ZHFA (656200100431) - Changed red ink from contour to vector
    -ZFRM40 (656200096147) - corrected magenta text to indicate "ZFRM40" instead of "ZFRM20"
    -ZALR07,09 (656200107218 & 656200104156) - Moved text to be centered with the alphabet letters, not the available whitespace. Should improve appearance.

    6-28-11 - Tim
    -Added missing ZCPF12,14 to 5.2 archive

    6-27-11 - Tim
    -NEW FILES - ZCOA, ZFGN10, and ZCTO30. (5 files)
    -ZHFR (656200102480) - Fixed magenta text to say "ZHFR"

    6-16-11 - Tim
    -NEW FILES - ZPLC03, ZSFB06, ZCPF12, ZCPF14. (4 files)
    -ZMCA13 (656200097809) - Fixed the lines to be dashes like in the catalog picture.
    -ZAOA12 (656200107249) - Changed art to green to fix autofocus.
    -ZMFS33 (656200103968) - Minor focus dot adjustment.

    6-6-11 - Tim
    -NEW FILES - ZTMK. (2 files)
    -ZHZO (all 4 files) - minor adjustments
    -ZALC (4 files with "Marriage" layout) - Corrected typo (extra space on 2nd line, "it with")

    5-26-11 - Tim
    -NEW FILES - ZLIT, ZMTL2X, ZHZO, ZKMC60, ZERP50, ZCRO, ZCND5X, ZVHW15, ZVHW22, ZALQ03, ZALQ05, ZALR07, ZALR09, ZALR26, COP, ZMPA10, ZMFS3X, ZFCD50, ZTPF10, ZSQM39, ZSQR22, ZSER, BOR27, ZBOQ80, and ZAOA12. (53 files)
    -ZADT06 (656200084144) - Almost all of layer 2 was on layer 1. Fixed.
    -ZWPF50 (656200089712) - Added blue guide lines to show how the insert fits in the frame. Updated magenta instructional text.

    4-29-11 - Tim
    -ZFCD (4 files) - New files for new product
    -ZWMB20/30 - Fixed magenta text to indicate 3/4" 'L' jig (all 3 files); Changed artwork to green to improve autofocus (656200089705)

    4-18-11 - Tim
    -ZTBCG (656200062616) - Added missing red outline to layer 2.
    -ZWMB (both 656200090275 & 656200089699) - Changed Z-drop from 0.0000 to 0.2500
    -ZALC (all 8 files) - Minor alignment changes. All settings and instructional text standardized and verified.
    -ZACM (all 4 files) - Modified magenta text and corner jig outline. Corrected settings to 100 PWR, 75 SPD (was 100 PWR, 50 SPD)
    -ZALR (656200092651 & 656200092613) - Corrected weird glitch with selecting 2nd line of text. Also, removed "All Caps" setting: text is now actual capital letters.

    4-1-11 - Tim
    -ZAKC (all 3 files) - Various fixes to improve alignment and generally look and work better.
    -ZKPB70 (both files) - Corrected magenta text to reflect 1/2" corner 'L' jig. NOTE: the picture in the scan book is incorrect. Always use a 1/2" corner 'L' jig.
    -ZHMK (all 6 files) - Adjusted defocus from -0.0500 to -0.0250. Changed layer 2 visuals to better indicate 1/8" corner 'L' jig.
    -ZWPF01 (656200089767) - Grouped lower left artwork.

    3-11-11 - Tim
    -ZMFS01 (656200084199) - Corrected power and speed settings. Default setting for text is now 100 PWR, 50 SPD; Default for art is now 50 PWR, 100 SPD.

    3-7-2011 - Tim
    -ZALK (all 8 files) - Made file appearance/instructions consistent, corrected some positioning, added guide line for positioning.
    -ZBIA (all 4 files) - Made file appearance/instructions consistent added guide line for positioning.

    2-24-2011 - Tim
    -ZBOM10 (656200098981) - Fixed Z-drop value from 0.1000 in. to 1.2500 in. **AFFECTS 5.4 ONLY**.
    -ZGKC/ZSKC (all 9 files) - Resized vector oval to fit better.
    -ZSQR21 (656200085691) - Fixed rendering problem.
    -ZLAB05 (656200089194) - Fixed autofocus
    -ZMCA30 (656200097793) - Repositioned layout

    2-9-2011 - Tim
    -Modified ZLAB's and ZADT's to use 1/8" corner L-jig. (as illustrated in the January 2011 scanbook)
    -Added missing file for ZALR20 (light product), barcode 656200101490
    -Adjusted font in ZORN20

    1-28-2011 - Tim
    -Modified ZGKC's/ZSKC's to laser just the inserts.

    1-19-2011 - Tim
    -Added ZTMB's and ZCND's.

    1-11-2011 - Tim
    -Added All New Product, laser files are now current.

    12-12-2010 - Alex
    -Alignment changed for ZGKC's/ZSKC's
    - Fixed fan issue with ZCND
    - Fixed defocus settings on ZABH's
    -Tweaked alignment on ZKPB90
    -Added Horizontal layout for ZFCD40

    12-09-2010 - Alex
    -Re-alignment for ZBHR "Ashley" design
    -Added new light & dark versions of files to 5.2 files
    -Added FCD40 Horizontal layout
    -Changed jigs on ZFRP's to 1/2"
    -Power/Speed adjustment for ZMFS01, ZBOK01, ZBOM10

    12-02-2010 - Alex
    -Added 1/8" jig for ZHMK's
    -Added corner jig for ZALM's, ZBOK10
    -Alignment changed for ZMPA02, ZMFK01, ZGKC's/ZSKC's

    -Tweaks for instructions ZKPB's, ZBLK's, ZVHW's, ZFRM30
    -Power/Speed adjustment for ZMFS01

    11-18-2010 - Alex
    -Added file: ZBOM10
    -Tweaked instructions for ZHMK's & ZALM's
    -Removed black color outline on file ZMFS01

    11-12-2010 - Alex
    - Added new toys: ZKPB90, ZKPA20, ZKPA01, ZKPA10.
    - Changed speed settings on ZVHW's and ZBLK's for more reliable engraving.
    - Added jigs to files for ZPHC's and ZFTC's
    - Fixed "Small Capitals" error on 656200081303.gnh