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11-05-2010, 05:34 PM
If you think that the only people you can reach with the laser engraver is the customers walking through your store, then you are passing up on a lot of potential business. Here are a few examples of places in which you may get additional customers or bulk orders.

A real estate office. Imagine an agent meeting with his/her clients to sign papers on their new house. The pen that he/she hands over with the contract is an engraved pen with the couples names on it (not to mention the name of the real estate agent and his/her contact info). Since the pen is engraved with the recipients names, they are much more likely to hang on to it. And the perk for the agent is marketing. Perhaps sell the pens to the agent at a discount, and that agent could give you a list of names every week.

A car dealership. Sell a batch of key chains to the dealership with their logo engraved on the key chain. Give them coupons for free personalization of the other side of the key chain. Upon the purchase of a new vehicle, the customer gets a key chain (marketing for the dealership) and the ability to have it personalized. Likely this is a customer that may never have ventured into your store before.

Sell to a local school, or school boosters. This can work in a number of ways. Import high school logos and sell personalized product to the fans and boosters of that school. Set up a display with high school logos at graduation time or enter into a partnership to provide gifts at graduation. The P. Graham Dunn store in Dalton creates a personal key chain for every graduate of a local community college.

Take the laser to a fair, or a trade show. Make custom designed items specifically tailored to your market. The options are endless.