View Full Version : Q&A: Selling Products Away From Home

11-05-2010, 03:08 PM
I'm hoping to get out to a local extravaganza with the laser. Which brings out two questions:

1. I don't want to go with the whole product line. I assume that limiting options at an outside event is the best way to go. Any recommendations on the best items to take?

2. I know you have deals every now & then on retired and overstocked inventory. Does this happen often enough to post on this forum? Do you send out emails to let us know what is available?

David Rooker

I am a proponent of offering limited selection and great deals during big events. Drive the sales through a few SKUs that all engrave fast. This will get you the most turns on the machine and the biggest impact with your guests. For example we will be focusing on about a dozen SKUs for the 4th quarter. Those will go on sale and be our door busters, while we get full retail on the SKUs that take longer to engrave.

As far as what is available, this is something to check in with Jerry from time to time. You should have received a care package recently with a baseball bat and a list of SKU's that are on sale.

Warm regards,