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Thread: Missing Templates

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    Missing Templates

    In the "Personalized Gifts 2018" book there are some items that we can't find in the template files. We've not done an exhaustive search, but these have come up

    Pg. 6 shows Blue Pattern Photo Frame 4x6 ZPHF0181 There is no corresponding template in the files.
    pg 25 Black Photo Frame ZPHF0093

    Are these in the .zip files?

    Kurt Breither

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    These layouts don't exist exactly as shown in the catalog, but there are some good starting places. For the page 6 ZPHF0181, you can try ZFCD07A.gnh for a good starting place for the "A Boy & His Dog" layout (one line at top, two at bottom in portrait orientation). Consider ZPHF0089Y.gnh if you want the logo on top and two lines at the bottom, again for the 4x6 size. These are on page 15 of the Spring 2016 Scan Book.
    For the page 25 ZPHF0093, you start with ZPHF0091C.gnh (one line at top, two at very bottom, logo in middle) - this on page 16 in the Spring 2016 Scan Book. SWIRLSHEART2 in the symbol library is the logo in use on that, too.

    Tim Geiser

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