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Thread: Difference between Raster and Vector on engraving screen

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    Difference between Raster and Vector on engraving screen

    What is the difference between RASTER and VECTOR on the laser engraving screen? I know that the RASTER does a full left to right action when it engraves, and the VECTOR does more of a line drawing mode.
    If I import an image does it matter what the setting is? I am trying to engrave the image of the boat, other than time wise, does it matter which mode I use? Also, my image was imported in the color RED. On the laser screen, red is VECTOR. I have had to change the color of the image to green to get it to a RASTER setting. How would I change RED to be RASTER?

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    Your understanding of Raster vs. Vector is essentially correct. Raster acts like an ink-jet printer, making left-right passes, firing the laser to engrave a small dot in the correct location. Vector traces around a line/curve.
    If you import that boat JPG image in directly, you're only option will be Raster as there is no way to change the color on a JPG image. If you run that image through Vector Magic, you'll get a vector file that you can set to a specific color, and that color can be set to either raster or vector. To tell what you'll actually get, use the "Preview..." button on the Marking screen (above and to the right of the "Run" button that sends the job to the engraver). Vector will always show up as a red line, Raster as some shade of gray, depending on engraving intensity.

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