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Thread: Darkened edges on mugs

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    Darkened edges on mugs

    Has anyone else had the issue where the edge of the engraving on a mug/H2O bottle or the like, is darkened, almost looking burned, or the laser didn't go deep enough? We have tried to adjust by moving the image/text over to the left but if you go too far it does it on the left hand side. Just curious if anyone has figured out a solution.

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    Anyone? Anything? Have also sent a question into customer service with no reply yet.

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    Re: Darkened edges on mugs

    Does this problem appear only on some specific mugs or water bottles, or is it all ZHZO items? One thing to try is re-calibrating the Z-axis; instructions can be found in this document, #4 (pages 8 & 9).

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    Hey Tim,
    We have tried that, and it doesn't seem to be product specific. It tends to be hit and miss with the image and wording. I just did a ZHZO39 and it was a butterfly with a name below it and it did it right on the edge, leaving it black, like it isn't engraving all the way through. If you'd like I can send you photos of what is going on.

    Thanks, Jessica

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