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Thread: Bible Cover Engraving Quality

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    Bible Cover Engraving Quality

    I've had two bible covers that engraved horribly. The wording wasn't evenly colored and the customers didn't end up getting the covers. I've attached two picture for you to check out. The one that's in Spanish was run 3 times and it only darkened half of the piece.IMG_5467.jpgIMG_5468.jpg

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    Problems with the leather pieces are almost always a focus issue.
    It's always important to make sure the top surface is as flat as possible. Sometimes they get warped a little bit in shipping or storage, so it's necessary to bend them a bit in the opposite direction to make a flat surface.

    It's also possible that your Z axis needs re-calibrated, due to replacement of the focus sensor or other wear.
    I've attached a PDF with the procedure for this, it should take only a few minutes to complete.
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    FWIW. I've taken this item out of our offerings. We've had extremely inconsistent results with it. I've adjusted the focus settings, tried making sure the piece was as flat as possible, and have had far too many covers rejected by the customer. I do not intend to do any more. This item needs to be rethought.

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