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March 2013 Laser Dealer Newsletter

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Celebrate Spring
Spring is less than a week away! Here in Ohio, we can't wait for the season to kick in full throttle. It's that point in the year when we tend to have had enough of the ice, snow, and cold winds!

Not only are we looking forward to better weather, but also stronger sales. With Spring, comes excellent opportunities for personalized product sales as it is a prime gift-giving season for Weddings, Graduation, Baby Showers, Memorial Day, and the often-overlooked, Arbor Day.

Although it's a silly thought, the point I'm trying to make is - customers don't get excited, if you're not. It's essential that your store make a BIG DEAL about these opportune gift-giving occasions, and both current and potential customers are aware that your store is a one-stop shop for personalized gifts. So get out there, make a BIG DEAL about laser engravings, and if that's what it takes, create your own holiday and instill some excitement in your customers! Check out this poster and scan sheet to help get you started.

Tired of paying an additional employee just to keep your jigs straight? Let these new Jig Holders lighten your load. Able to hold over 90% of the laser jigs, these three trays are a solution to the never-ending question, "What did I do with that jig?"
Each tray comes with numbered rows to allow for easy cross-referencing. Simply organize the jigs in the tray and make notes alongside the corresponding product in the catalog. Future catalog releases will come bearing this information, but we couldn't wait until then to get these in your hands!

Order between now and the end of this month and get:
ALL 3 FOR $50

CLICK HERE for a complete menu of all our available personalization fixtures.

Dealer Conference
P. Graham Dunn's 13th Annual Dealer Conference is March 19th and 20th with Guest Speaker Wess Stafford
We hope that each of you have made it a priority to sign up and attend this year's conference. We're looking forward to the event and are excited to share new product, displays, and the beta version of the highly anticipated touchscreen laser engravings software.

In addition, there will be a few seminars that are specifically targeted towards our laser engravings program participants. If attending, please note the following times and topics:
  • Tuesday, 3/19 - 9:15am - Laser Love: Keeping up with day-to-day machine maintenance
  • Tuesday, 3/19 - 11:00am - Laser College: A fast-track course on advanced laser techniques
  • Tuesday, 3/19 - 2:00pm - Laser Engravings Pro LIVE: A glimpse at how to get the most out of your laser, featuring guest host Mark Hutchinson
  • Wednesday, 3/20 - 9:15am - Ready, Aim, Fire! Pulling the trigger on Marketing

For a Complete Schedule of Events CLICK HERE
Questions? Call: 800.828.5260

Please notice that we have made a change to a few of our laser product SKUs. As of January 2013 all laser SKUs will now contain a Z at the beginning. Previously, there were a handful of items that were featured in both our laser line and regular line that maintained the exact same SKU. Feedback we received was that many stores were having difficulty differentiating the two products in their POS system, so we have made the change. It is still the same product and the same price, but placing the Z in front will assure that your purchase is counted towards your monthly laser commitment.

As a participant in the P. Graham Dunn Laser Engravings Program, product outside of our 400+ product selection is NOT to be engraved utilizing the provided Gravograph LS100 laser engraving machine. Engraving any outside product is a direct violation of the signed agreement.

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