• All Fall 2016 Workbook Layouts Complete

    With the addition of 73 brand new and revised files, all layouts in the Fall 2016 Workbook are complete. The new files include:

    ZHZO82[B-C]; ZHZO30[B-C]; ZHZO[36,40]; ZCRY40; ZCRY40[D-F]; ZCRY01[B-E]; ZCYC10[B-D]; ZCCH01; ZCCH01[B-D]; ZABH01[B-C]; ZBPM; ZBPM0001[B-E]; ZBPL; ZBPL0001[B-E]; ZERP[C-E]; ZMPH01G; ZFFA[E,F,H,I]; ZMCA01B; ZMCA30[B-D]; ZMTL02; ZMTL02[B-C]; ZKNF96B; ZSCB05A; ZLKC50B; ZBMK0002[B-C]; ZLKC08B; ZAKC03[B-C]; ZADT31; ZADT50B; ZADT01[B-C]; ZORN0001[E-H]; ZCFW01B; ZCFW06; ZCFW10; ZCTO01; ZCTO01B; ZCTO20; ZCTO20B; ZCTO30; ZCTO30B

    Perform a regular file update to get these files.